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Help protect Lake Merritt, a wildlife refuge

The Lake Merritt Institute is a nonprofit group that works to protect and improve Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. Lake Merritt is an important natural area and park in downtown Oakland. But the lake faces problems like pollution, invasive plants and animals, and habitat destruction that can harm the lake. The Lake Merritt Institute helps take care of the lake through education, advocating for the lake, and hands-on work to clean up and restore the area.

There are many great reasons for people and the Oakland community to support the Lake Merritt Institute. The group organizes cleanups to remove trash and pollution from the lake. They monitor water quality and get rid of invasive plants. They also restore wetland habitats around the lake. The Institute educates the public about the lake and gets people involved. They advocate for policies and funding to protect Lake Merritt. Supporting the Lake Merritt Institute helps keep this urban wildlife area healthy for migratory birds, native plants, animals, and for the community. Donating or volunteering with the group directly helps preserve this important natural area in Oakland for future generations.